Why was the others Band So Successful?

The Others Lost band’s name originated from the series, they named themselves by the island’s wicked inhabitants. The Others started recording songs than would refer to each weekly episode of Lost in 2006 (the second season of the show), which was initially a project on the side of their band called The Thungs. One of the fans made a video for the song “Caught in a Net” which drew much attention to the band and very positive feedback. After that, the members became more dedicated to this project and continued making songs for all of the upcoming seasons.

At the time, about 15.5 million people watched Lost in the United States alone, and as time went to about 18 million. This already large community of viewers and fans of the series made it possible for the band to launch a successful career, but it was their carefree sound combined with humorous lyrics that kept the audience interested. Even though they do owe much of their fame to the show’s popularity, they managed to stay in the minds of their fans equally well.

This Easthampton band’s five members, Shannon Purcell, Gabe Sullivan, Blake Girndt, Tommy Foster and Eric Lee turned their love for the show into a new art form, which touched the hearts of many. On the Others Lost band’s Facebook page there are people posting about how their music changed their perception of the show and how it’s tied to their memories of it. On YouTube, their videos combined have about 50,000 views. There is no blog or fan website dedicated to the TV series that doesn’t mention The Others Lost band and cherish their funny and entertaining music that made them enjoy their favorite show even more. The key to the band’s success is that they, as fans themselves, knew how to properly communicate with the fan-base, which recognized their passion and welcomed them with open arms.