why was the others band so good?

Originating from the TV series Lost, The Others Lost Band became an epic YouTube sensation when they started recording songs which were directly linked to each weekly episode of the popular American drama series.
Previously recording other music under the band name “The Thungs”, they quickly realized the positive response they were receiving by recording their light-hearted and comical tunes and began performing them on a regular basis.
Starting in 2006 from the second season of the immensely addictive show, the band gained massive praise and recognition after a dedicated fan created a video for their song “Caught In a Net”. The Others Lost Band then went on to record songs for every upcoming season and began paving their way to social media stardom.
Made up of five talented musicians; Shannon Purcell, Gabe Sullivan, Tommy Foster, Blake Girndt and Eric Lee, the band provided a humorous musical addition to the show and kept nearly 18 million viewers of Lost entertained via a weekly music video.
The popularity of the band can easily be contributed to the fact that they offered a unique approach to music, with no other recording artist basing their lyrics solely on events relating to a television show. This creativity has ensured a loyal following of listeners with their YouTube videos having already reached over 50,000 views in total.
Although the season of Lost has finished, the music from the band is still being discovered by not only the original fans of the show but also younger generations who are only now coming across the re-runs of the once highly favored TV series.
With songs still being listened to on YouTube today, the fame of the band is still going strong and with any luck, they will grab onto a popular new TV series and begin the whole process again!


Blake Girndt

Blake “Wiggy” Girndt is a musician from the state of Massachusetts. A fan of comic books and anything out of the ordinary, he has been in the music industry for almost two decades singing, playing, and producing his music with a number of different bands.

One of Girndt’s most notable projects has been his work with the television series Lost. In 2006 he played drums for the concept band The Others, and after a fan video went viral he and other members made a song for nearly every episode for seasons 3, 4, 5, and 6. Girndt felt a special connection with Lost, writing on his Artist Trove that, “If Lost taught us anything, it’s that you can’t do it alone.”

His musical talent goes back farther than the series. Prior to Lost, Blake Girndt was the drummer in a band called The Thungs. Hailing from Easthampton, Massachusetts, the band was best known for their pop-rock and experimental sound. While performing with The Thungs he was given the nickname “Wiggy,” which former fans of The Thungs still call him.

Sadly The Others and The Thungs aren’t bands you can go see today, but that doesn’t mean Girndt has stopped creating music. His more recent musical endeavor has been with a band called The I Want You where he plays guitar and sings vocals with fellow bandmates Jonathan Donaldson and Jim Gerdeman. Along with singing and playing guitar he helps produce their music, and his talents were shown to extend beyond music when he animated the band’s music video to Three Short Days.

Currently living in Boston, Blake Girndt spends most of his time working on material for The I Want You, who perform at different venues throughout Massachusetts . You can also see Girndt on guitar with Walter Sickert and the Army of the Broken Toys. He also owns a windshield repair business in New Jersey.


Who is Tommy Foster from the others lost band

Tommy Foster is a 31 years old singer and songwriter but also a too little known artist, and that is a bad thing.

Tommy’s career started as he was only 9 when he started playing drums in his father’s reggae band. Truly moved by this experience, he started playing guitar at the age of 12. His perseverance mixed up with his love for rock n roll helped him at the age of 17 when he decided to start his own band. In the present, when you hear it for the first time you instantly realise that he is a cool mixture between Jimi Hendrix and Sublime. It sounds like Ziggy Marley and Carlos Santana all rolled into one flawless sound.

He should probably be named the most known unknown artist, as he has a lot of gigs. Even if his look is “dreadful” his music is the best combination between what was the best from the old music, and what is the best in contemporary music. Not only his guitar sings for him with those astonishing solos, but his voice perfectly accompanies every sound in his music. A very important think that has to be taken into account about Thomas Foster is the fact that his father’s music and even the collaboration with his father did not interfere with the music he likes to play, being able to create his own name in this industry.

His first maxi single, called “The beginning” was released in 2007. Since then he worked hard and managed, in 2010, to release his first album “Roots n Roll”.

The social pages are saying about him that he loves to practice and he also supports many new talented bands and musicians, just like he gets their support from a constantly growing amount of people.

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