why was the others band so good?

Originating from the TV series Lost, The Others Lost Band became an epic YouTube sensation when they started recording songs which were directly linked to each weekly episode of the popular American drama series.
Previously recording other music under the band name “The Thungs”, they quickly realized the positive response they were receiving by recording their light-hearted and comical tunes and began performing them on a regular basis.
Starting in 2006 from the second season of the immensely addictive show, the band gained massive praise and recognition after a dedicated fan created a video for their song “Caught In a Net”. The Others Lost Band then went on to record songs for every upcoming season and began paving their way to social media stardom.
Made up of five talented musicians; Shannon Purcell, Gabe Sullivan, Tommy Foster, Blake Girndt and Eric Lee, the band provided a humorous musical addition to the show and kept nearly 18 million viewers of Lost entertained via a weekly music video.
The popularity of the band can easily be contributed to the fact that they offered a unique approach to music, with no other recording artist basing their lyrics solely on events relating to a television show. This creativity has ensured a loyal following of listeners with their YouTube videos having already reached over 50,000 views in total.
Although the season of Lost has finished, the music from the band is still being discovered by not only the original fans of the show but also younger generations who are only now coming across the re-runs of the once highly favored TV series.
With songs still being listened to on YouTube today, the fame of the band is still going strong and with any luck, they will grab onto a popular new TV series and begin the whole process again!