Who is Tommy Foster from the others lost band

Tommy Foster is a 31 years old singer and songwriter but also a too little known artist, and that is a bad thing.

Tommy’s career started as he was only 9 when he started playing drums in his father’s reggae band. Truly moved by this experience, he started playing guitar at the age of 12. His perseverance mixed up with his love for rock n roll helped him at the age of 17 when he decided to start his own band. In the present, when you hear it for the first time you instantly realise that he is a cool mixture between Jimi Hendrix and Sublime. It sounds like Ziggy Marley and Carlos Santana all rolled into one flawless sound.

He should probably be named the most known unknown artist, as he has a lot of gigs. Even if his look is “dreadful” his music is the best combination between what was the best from the old music, and what is the best in contemporary music. Not only his guitar sings for him with those astonishing solos, but his voice perfectly accompanies every sound in his music. A very important think that has to be taken into account about Thomas Foster is the fact that his father’s music and even the collaboration with his father did not interfere with the music he likes to play, being able to create his own name in this industry.

His first maxi single, called “The beginning” was released in 2007. Since then he worked hard and managed, in 2010, to release his first album “Roots n Roll”.

The social pages are saying about him that he loves to practice and he also supports many new talented bands and musicians, just like he gets their support from a constantly growing amount of people.

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